Friday, April 16, 2010

What Gives Johnny Depp the Creeps

Is this really newsworthy? More importantly, did Johnny Depp actually give an interview or confirm this crap? Not saying I don't love me some Johnny Depp because I most certainly do. I'm not big for celebrities because I think, so what? But if I were to run into Johnny DEpp in a dark alley, he could be in some danger of being molested:) I'm just saying.I've had a small , but subdued, crush on him since I was a teen and he was in Nightmare on Elm Street. He was cute then, now he is full on hot! So, what gives Johnny Depp the creeps? Probably some skeevy person reading an article to know what creeps him out, maybe someone who has his name or face tattooed on their ass, face, any other visible part of their body.Maybe it creeps him out that some people are so stupid that he had to leave the country to get away from their ignorance. Maybe the American government creeps him out? Maybe apple pie? Baseball? Fat women? Short people? People who have two different colored eyes? Those Mexican dog boys? (side note; they freak me the eff out because I am Mexican..and I am hoping that hairy scary disease is not some special disease for Mexicans. We are all pretty hairy.I'm already fighting a losing battle!) I guess what I am trying to say is..who cares what creeps Johnny Depp out? He lives in France, he's famous, he likes obscurity... when will it EVER be relevant to me, what the hell creeps Johnny Depp out? NEVER! OK, so I will print the article ( but only in CASE of an emergency, in which Johnny Depp and I are ever stranded on a deserted island!)


tara said...

Hahaha. The celebrity headlines always crack me up too. Also, if I'm also in that dark alley, you might have to arm wrestle me first to get to him. *swoon* (i'm following you now, via follow friday, ahoy!) said...

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Kel said...

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Anonymous said...

Visiting and following from Friday Follow. Appreciate you joining us. Are you having a happy weekend?

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p.s. Well, ya know, he's Johnny Depp.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Stopped by from Friday Follow. This post made me laugh. following.

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